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Publish your newspaper or magazine in a unique application. Reach new readers and advertisers with a rich and complete platform.

Benefits of MavenApp

The MavenApp is a complete platform for publication of newspapers and magazines exclusively for iOS and Android applications. Learn about the benefits of the solution for your business.


Create rich content to your reader. Videos, photo galleries, mp3, links, popups, and several components which will make your more interesting publication.


Advertisers gain a space for banners in special areas in the application. Sales issues, digital signatures, and also gain from the sale of content to subscribers.

wb_incandescentCustom Push

You can schedule sending push for those who installed your application by customizing the message of sponsors or information to the reader.


The application is available in Portuguese, English and Spanish. Exceed the national barriers and create interesting content for everyone..

call_made Research and notes on the issue

The reader can search words on the pages of the issue and make notes (post-it) to his own control. It can also create pages and favorite issues.

thumb_upSocial networks and Analytics

The reader can share that are reading your edit on social networks. You monitor via GoogleAnalytics yet every action the player performs in the application.

gesture Pages and HTML5 ads

Do not limit yourself to fixed pages of its edition in PDF. Create pages in HTML5 fully with animations, games, videos and many resources to engage the reader.

gesture Sales editions

You can sell issues in the application or in its own virtual store and provide access to the subscriber.
Success Stories

prepared a few examples of customers who are using the MavenApp platform and achieving incredible success with readers and advertisers.

The Journal Gazette of Cuiaba-MT

25 years of tradition deserve a major release. The newspaper The Gazette now offers its subscribers with a multimedia platform read of issues both for computers, tablets and smartphones via the web. In addition to the web version of the subscriber will also have access through the newspaper application, available for Apple devices (iPhone, Ipad) in the Appstore store and Android devices (Galaxy Tab, Galaxy S4) in the Google Play store. With the application, for example, the reader can download editions and perform the reading anywhere, offline or online, make newspaper content searches, store your edits, recommend pages on facebook, and all in a dynamic and interactive system with links, photo galleries, audio, video and others.

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Jornal Zero Hora Porto Alegre-RS

Tablet ZH Project. The new digital newspaper, available in address and also by the new Android and iOS apps ZH, has inputs such as videos, photo galleries and extra content. Daily from 4am in the morning, a new edition of ZH is now released for access. The new product uses MavenApp solution and is available to readers via computer with web browser, Android and iOS apps for iPad or iPhone. The product is a success since its pre-launch when the waiting list of subscribers who asked the ZHTablet hit record registrations.

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Electronic Journal of TRT9 of Curitiba-PR

Electronic Journal reaches 1 million hits. The TRT-PR Electronic Journal has achieved in 2015 the milestone of 1 million acessos.Desde the creation of the Electronic Journal, in 2011, were produced 44 editions, always with a main topic discussed in depth and multiple perspectives for lawyers, researchers, teachers and doctors in the area. The current edition, September 2015, deals with the new CPC and the Labour Procedure.

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RIC Group of Florianópolis, SC

The Day News newspaper circulates in the two largest regions of the state of Santa Catarina. It has regional editions in Florianopolis, Joinville and their metropolitan areas. The specialty of the Day News Journal is reporting on news from the region, with an approach that values ??local culture and a distinct production in each square. The app features the two newspapers (Florianopolis, Joinville) and accepts the login of the subscribers of the two locations, freeing up access to only the issues that the user has access.

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Município do dia

Zero Hora

Diário Catarinense

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